We offer  PP, PE, PA, EPE materials, and theire modification in production. We would like to have satisfied customers and therefore we offer products which are from the high quality materials. Technology and procedures offer high quality products.  We have back buying and recycling foils and bags. With reusing the foils and bags we are decreasing load environment.

Our products have a huge scale of use in diferent sphere of industry for primary packing and also for secondary packing or for fixing goods. All products are produced by ISO standards and are certified for food contact.

We cooperate with aoutomotive, electric, food, textile and other industries.  We offer our clients products which are produced under the control process of ISO CLASS.

LDPE and HDPE foils

It is thermostatic material which we offer in different sizes and modifications.

Stretch foils

Stretch foils are suitable for packaging and fixing transported goods.

PP - polypropylene

They are polypropylene foils which has various posibilities to use.

Multi-layer foils

Barrier films are multi-layer films that prevent water, moisture, gas and aroma from penetrating.

Shrink foils

Shrink foils are an atractive form of packaging.


We ofer diferent kind of bags and sacks which depend on customers specification and demand.

Bubble foils

Air bubbles which are between two PE layers.


Foams of extruded polyethylene are available in different densities, shapes and sizes.