Stretch foils


Produciton options

Stretch foils are used to pack and fix packaged and transported goods. ECO stretch films are characterized by features that help to increase the packaging process efficiency and save your downtime.

One of the major advantages of these foils is simple application for both machine and manual packaging. ECO-Stretch film does not require biasing and thus saves the time of wrapping and the amount of foil used. After sheep, controlled shrinking of the foil and fixation of the wrapped goods occurs.

The EcoStretch Foil, with its exceptional features, contributes to reducing the cost of packaging the goods, reducing the frequency of ordering of this type of packaging material, lowering the cost of warehousing, and contributing to the reduction of waste in an unacceptable way, thereby helping to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

The film is supplied for both machine and manual applications.


- Reduce packaging costs.
- Reducing Order Frequency.
- Reduce storage costs.
- Less waste.

ECO Stretch
- Width: 430 mm
- Thickness: from 7 micr. to 10 micr. .
- Load: 600 m to 4200 m.
Stretch foils: hand or machine.
- Width: 500 mm.
- Thickness: from 8 micr. to 32 micr. .
- Load: 600 m to 4200 m.