Production options

EPE Foam from extruded polyethylene which is supplied in different densities and dimensions. This foam has a closed cell structure to protect packaged products from scratches and shocks. It is suitable for storing and transporting fragile products, for the construction and decoration industry. EPE Foam used in the food industry for the extraordinary protection of food products such as chocolate, fruit, dairy and meat products, electrotechnics, electronics and medical industry


The Foam protects against impact and scratches, is lightweight and economical. It is practical and easy to use thanks to its adaptability. Foam is also serve as thermal and sound insulation. Suitable for food, does not release dust. Chemically internal, resistant to most chemicals. Non-toxic, odorless. Suitable for further processing. Airtight, waterproof, transparent, fully recyclable. Resistant to mold and moisture. It does not contain HCFCs.

- Seated sleeves.
- Microperforation.
- Antistatic.
- Makroperforation.
- Laminating.
- Cutting.
- Chopping.
- Perforation for division.
- Bags.
- Roller bags.
- Belts.
- Sheets.