PP foils


BOPP are bi-axial oriented polypropylene films designed for universal use.


The main features of BOPP are stiffness, high tensile strength, excellent transparency and a good barrier to water and steam. They are produced from 15 to 50 micr. , most often from 15 to 30 microns. These Bopp packaging films may be single layer or co-extruded, transparent, opaque, or metallized. They are non-toxic and fully recyclable, highly repressible and offer excellent protection against UV radiation combined with printing techniques. The surface can be treated with acrylic and PVDC coatings to improve their options and barium protection of packaged goods.

They are used for packaging on both vertical and horizontal packaging machines.

They are suitable for an almost unlimited range of packaging applications. They are used to pack pastry, fruit, vegetables, loose products.

Production options

- The Film.
- The Film with metallic and pearl effect.
- Cutting on the sheets.
- Perforation of the film.
- Bags.
- Print capabilities: max 1300 mm FLEXO in 10 colors.