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Farm-economic advice

Pharmaco-economic analysis according to the requirements arising from Act no. 363/2011 (par. 30 and 32). Elaboration of the analysis according to the Methodological Aid to the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No. 343/2008 on the particulars of the pharmaco-economic analysis of a medicinal product.


doc. PhDr. Róbert Babeľa, PhD, MBA

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FE projects for pharmaceutical companies:

4 original applications for new products: 2 completed by successful categorization, 2 currently in preparation

more than 25 domestic and foreign publications in the field of pharmacoeconomics.

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AAB Scientific monographs published by domestic publishers (1)

ACB University textbooks published by domestic publishers (1)

ADC Scientific work in foreign current content journals (20)

ADE Scientific work in foreign non-current content journals (22)

ADF Scientific work in domestic non-current content journals (48)

AEC Scientific works in foreign peer-reviewed scientific proceedings, monographs (3 )

AEG Brief announcements, abstracts of scientific papers in foreign current content journals (27)

AFG Abstracts of papers from foreign conferences (14)

AFK Posters from foreign conferences (7)

BCI Scripts and textbooks (4)

BCK Chapters in textbooks and textbooks (3)


[o1] Citations in foreign publications registered in citation indexes (62)

[o3] Citations in foreign publications not registered in citation indexes (18)

[o4] Citations in domestic publications not registered in citation indexes (20)

Consulting of strategic inputs

Identification of sources of packaging materials in Central and Eastern Europe

Streamlining supply chains

Market threat monitoring and identification

Continuous reduction of input costs

Identification, implementation and assessment of suitable suppliers of strategic inputs

Use of analytical methods and procedures in supplier evaluation

Design and implementation of purchasing strategies

Creating of a network between supplier - production - customer