Structured vacuum bags

Structured vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are capable of food storage, food freezing and cooking by Sous Vide method (slow cooking in a vacuum at a constant low temperature).

Our vacuum bags extend shelf life and keep food fresh in the refrigerator as well as frozen in the freezer. The bags are characterized by exceptional quality which predestines them also for repeated use after proper washing with running water. We offer structured vacuum bags in three standard dimensions.

They are suitable for home use with any vacuum cleaner available on the market as well as for commercial and professional use.

The vacuum cleaner sucks air out of the bag, thanks to which the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients is preserved in the raw materials. Food does not lose color, taste or nutritional value. In addition, you protect them from bacteria and fungi.

Production possibilities

We supply bags in these dimensions:

  1. Vacuum sealing machine bags 150x200
  2. Vacuum sealing machine bags 220x300
  3. Vacuum sealing machine bags 280x400