Shrink foils

Shrink foils

Production options

Shrink film is a simple and attractive form of packaging. Packaging is solid, resistant to mechanical stress and tear and very versatile. It is usable for a wide range of applications. It offers excellent cleanliness, gloss and is resistant to cracking.

As materials for their production are used: PVC, POLYOLEFIN, POLYPROPYLENE and POLYESTER. They are used for group packaging of beverages, dairy products, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products.


Packaging is firmly resistant to mechanical impact. High gloss and transparency. It has excellent weldability, flexibility and memory properties. It has outstanding anti-fog and vapor condensation properties inside the package, thus keeping the packed product unobtrusive even with a longer storage process. Good shrinkage of the film on both sides. They are excellently suppressible for UV FLexo printing. Available in various colors: transparent opaque, in metallic colors.

Supplying these types of shrink film:


The shrink film offers high shrinkage even at low temperatures and high tear resistance. They are available in different shrinking ratios. They are widely used for non-food applications.


Exceptional clarity for the presentation of packaged goods with excellent material properties and fine finish and excellent shrinkage. The film is the best choice for group packaging of pharmaceuticals and food and goods of various kinds.

- Sleeve, film.
- Microperforation.
- Perforation.
- Folding.
- Cutting and folding.
- Cutting to the desired width.
- Chopping on sheets, sleeves, half-legs.
- Cutting according to requirements.
- Perforation division.