HDPE and LDPE Foil


PE is a thermostatic material consisting of polymers of ethylene. It is transparent, solid, waxy, waterproof and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. This makes it the most versatile packaging material that suits to a wide range of packaging applications in the form of film, sleeve. Supplied in LDPE and HDPE designs.


Polyethylene film for packaging has a very long service life. They are firmly resistant to moisture and chemicals. They have good puncture resistance especially when packing heavy products and sharp-edged items. They are transparent and easy to apply. Foils are most often produced in transparent and black colors. Various color versions can be supplied on request.

As required, they can be made from renewable sources such as starch, cellulose, or degradable polymers. The use of special additives allows oxidative degradation - they are freely degradable and therefore environmentally friendly. They are ideal for packaging a wide range of products that require a cheap but secure form of packaging. Applications are in the food, machine, electrical, medical, chemical and agricultural industries.

Production options

- Format: film, sleeve, half-mask, folded, with bookmarks.
- Microperforation.
- Perforation.
- Folding.
- Cutting and folding.
- Laminating.
- Cutting to the desired width.
- Chopping on sheets, sleeves, half-legs.
- Cutting according to requirements.
- Perforation division.
- Bag in bag.
- Bags on roll.
Printing options: max 1300 mm FLEXO in 10 colors.