Since its inception, we have been offering our customers from various manufacturing and industrial sectors high-quality types of packaging materials. We focus mainly on PP, PE, PA, EPE materials and their modification in the production of foils and bags.

Close cooperation with a customer allows us to design, manufacture, adapt and deliver our products and services to the the maximum requirements. This variability of products helps us to cover a wide range of clients from industrial manufacturers, through the food industry to the service segment.

As a part of increasing quality and customer satisfaction, the company was certified by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The certificate obliges us to provide our services and goods with the required quality standard.

When delivering goods, we do not forget the environmental aspect and the impact of the products to the environment. Not only in the development and delivery of our solutions, but also by optimizing the recycling processes of plastic waste generated by our partners we strive to reduce the impact of these products on the environment. Creating a network of partners allows us to use resources more efficiently, which contributes to reduce the financial and energy costs of individual processes.

Our vision

To our partners we provide suitable solutions that reduce costs and environmental impacts while increase the efficiency of processes and their profitability.

Our goals

Constantly fulfilling the expectations of our customers is the way to the success and development of our company. Not only the delivered products, but also the continuous improvement of services enables us to grow continuously. And it is the growth of our company that is the primary criterion for ensuring a long-term existence.

Together, we create values that benefit us, our employees, suppliers, customers, our surroundings and the living environment.

Materials and their modification in the production of foils and bags

We focus primarily on